Developing customized useful apps, software, websites for non-nerds and nerds alike.

About Us

We are Not Your Average Nerds who develop and support useful tools for anyone or any size business. Our network brings together a spectrum of creativity for mobile applications, web design, and both intranet and extranet solutions from the minds of both experts and clients. We take average to the next level through software by bringing the company, employees, and users together on one simple, cost-efficient, yet extraordinary platform.

Web Design

Start with a simple template and add your business personality for cost effectiveness, or create a custom site that defines your company, product, or service. Our sites use the latest Bootstrap and HTML5 coding for optimal functionality and compatibility, with any size screen, tab, or mobile device. Manage your own or let us take care of you with flexible plans. We can work together to help you succeed online.

Software and Apps

Our custom products can include a suite of internet and application based software solutions for business growth, efficiency, management, and organization.

We also offer integrated mobile applications for our software as well as personal applications for use in the tools, productivity, and health categories on the mobile markets.

With a free initial consultation, we can work together to design the right software efficiently, as well as a support plan that fits your business needs.

Support and Repair Click here for pricing

For your peace of mind and company solution, we will provide support from desktop to network, server, and software capability.

We keep the little guys in mind always and offer either company or personal computer repair at an affordable rate. We will do our best to deliver above average service that’s affordable without sacrificing quality.

Contact us and we’ll come to your site or pick up your equipment to repair, or support your systems remotely.